Attract, Engage, Convert

Boost salestraffic, SEO and social media engagement with our HD webcam capturing your view 24/7/365


Deckchair camera owners enjoy; more direct bookingsimproved SEO, 400% increase in social engagement and spectacular, fresh, automated content the world wants to share


The Camera

The highest quality, automated live view webcam, with photography and time lapse video system that captures every moment 24/7/365 from your location.

Leverage Content

Share and embed. You, your customers, tourism, news and weather sites will share and embed your destination with branded content for free, on social, internal screens, digital channels and on TV.

Automate Content

Every moment archived. A live view on your website with every image and daily time-lapse archived that you can access anytime and simply share.


Your view drives revenue

Be the "landing page" for your location. Provide spectacular, fresh and relevant content alongside your brand.

Generate spectacular content 24/7/365

Deckchair Cameras work all day, every day, to generate amazing content;

  • Wake up every morning to fresh content ready to be shared
  • Empower your guests and customers to share great images and time-lapses with friends
  • Use our Deckchair Player TV Box to display your live images and time-lapses on any screen
  • Capture every sunrise, sunset, fireworks, lightning, the first flakes of snow, morning fog, New Years Eve etc!

Simple steps to increase bookings and engagement

1) Setup

  • Easy to install, similar to installing a floodlight
  • Climate controlled & weatherproof (can be installed inside or outside)
  • Includes Deckchair Player & mounting kit

2) Capture

  • Deckchair captures your view live, 24/7/365
  • We remotely maintain and optimise your camera
  • We process and store every image and time-lapse
  • You focus on downloading and sharing unique content with your audience

3) Embed

  • Embed the live camera on your website with our easy code
  • Watch your SEO skyrocket as people link and share your camera around the web
  • Full API available for advanced integration
  • Notify local news and weather networks that they can embed and share your branded images

4) Share

  • Share images and time-lapses on all your digital channels
  • Use your Deckchair Player to display time-lapses, favourite images and live views 'front-of-house', on any screen
  • Make it easy for past, present and future customers to share your story
  • Send your best images and time-lapses to global news and weather networks – they love our high-quality images and videos