Photos & Videos Increase Bookings & Engagement

Displaying 100+ photos on your hotel website...
- Increases booking enquiries by 238%
- Increases engagement by 150% 

-Tripadvisor 2014 Study on key engagement drivers

A Deckchair Camera captures over 105,000 images a year & generates 365 timelapse videos

Picture this: an image archive of every strike of lightning, firework displaysnowfall, sandstorm, sunrise, sunset, rainbow etc. at your fingertips, ready to be viewed, downloaded and shared globally in seconds! That’s exactly what Deckchair provides.

With Deckchair, you can easily attract new and existing customers to your website & social channels and sell them your story with real, authentic views of your world.

The most important images for consumers are those that show...
- Vista From The Hotel
- A Room With A View

-Expedia "Hotel Images Matter" WHITE PAPER Nov 2014

Share breathtaking images and timelapses across your digital channels at the click of a button

“Unlike content which has to be localised for all travellers to read and understand, photos are the universal language”


Images are a universal language...

Simple steps to increase bookings and engagement

1) Setup

  • Easy to install, similar to installing a floodlight
  • Climate controlled & weatherproof (can be installed inside or outside)
  • Includes Deckchair Player & mounting kit

2) Capture

  • Deckchair captures your view live, 24/7/365
  • We remotely maintain and optimise your camera
  • We process and store every image and time-lapse
  • You focus on downloading and sharing unique content with your audience

3) Embed

  • Embed the live camera on your website with our easy code
  • Watch your SEO skyrocket as people link and share your camera around the web
  • Full API available for advanced integration
  • Notify local news and weather networks that they can embed and share your branded images

4) Share

  • Share images and time-lapses on all your digital channels
  • Use your Deckchair Player to display time-lapses, favourite images and live views 'front-of-house', on any screen
  • Make it easy for past, present and future customers to share your story
  • Send your best images and time-lapses to global news and weather networks – they love our high-quality images and videos